Back Office - AFS

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The Back Office (AFS-BO) is the control center of AFS.


Users can configure, monitor, and analyze the search functions, the linguistic resources (vocabularies, synonyms and thesauri) and more. It helps interact intuitively with all the ins and outs of the search engine:

  • Real time monitoring of sources harvesting and data indexing, with the Back Office Dashboard, indicators, and logs.
  • Watching the search agents in the BO Analytics displays reply times and user queries.
  • Analyzing users interaction with the solution allows to understand users' behaviors: autocomplete use, searched phrases, clicked facets, queries without a reply, most searched words and phrases, most clicked facets, and so on.
  • Manage vocabularies used for word expansion in Pipes and Filters (PaF) process.
  • Create and manage ACP databases.
  • Monitor all the servers of the datacenter and all the Antidot process running on these servers.

For more information, see the Antidot Product Architecture guide.